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You also have to understand how "frothing-angry nerd motherfuckers" are made. I don't know why I am wasting the air to talk because you are just going to look for a spelling error or something to flip this upside down, but typing shit like this out helps me sort it in my own mind, so here we go:

I noticed that in kids today(and when I say kids I mean people under 30) have dramatically different views on women, and they are way more negative than ours were. I started paying attention to try to figure out why.

The reason is that for these young people there is no patriarchy in the pedagogy. Their entire life is ruled by women. Not only do women make the decisions about what playground games are acceptable. They decide how they are allowed to relate to their peers with zero tolerance anti-bullying. They decide what is and isn't acceptable way to talk to their friends. They make it a punishable offense to verbalize sexual feelings about their female peers. Boys are medicated at three times the rate of girls for learning disabilities, so either boys are dumber than girls (which I don't believe) or the system is geared up to be advantageous to the gender that controls it (which I do believe) I could keep going on, but you are just going to flip everything I say about that around like "So you are saying the boys should be allowed to make sexually degrading comments to the girls" when that's not at all what I am saying.

Boys see video games as their only "male space" and I think she intentionally stirred that pot to get that reaction to get paid. I think she posted in various places where it would get negative attention, then as soon as the comments started rolling in


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